Kapital Real Estate Development's newest project positioned on a central location at Maslak, at walking distance to subway and mass transport lines, Maslak Square is destined to become an urban object of awe thanks to an ambitious architectural style implemented on two office blocks, one 21 floors and the other 11 floors high. Offering a typical block area of 1100 m² with the ability to expand to 2200 m² of vertical office space when bridges connecting the blocks are employed; containing 30 office floors each offering 1100 m² lease area; commercial spaces reaching out to the street at the ground level; the design elements focusing on energy savings are but a few of the features which mark A+ urban life standard.


DLP No.1

Kapital Real Estate Development's new project at Dolapdere, an up and coming neighborhood known for its proximity to Taksim and Şişli –effectively the heart of the city–, DLP No.1 offers maximum returns to both investors and occupant corporations, thanks not only to its advantageous position, but also to its contemporary style and well-equipped offices, perfect design of technological infrastructure, unique building characteristics, and prestigious architectural tones. Having been awarded LEED Gold certificate as an A+ office building, DLP No.1 cannot wait to meet a very limited number of select occupants at Dolapdere, with 6 office floors offering 1,800 m² of lease space, and 2 stores located at ground level.



Kapital Real Estate Development's 3rd project at Maslak, that houses headquarters of many local and international companies, Maslak Link combines its advantageous position with high quality, and offers maximum returns to investors as well as occupants through perfect technological infrastructure, features, and architecture. LEED Gold certified Maslak Link has 16 office floors offering 960 m² lease space, stands out with its environment-conscious structure focusing on energy-savings, environment-friendly and durable materials, offering the key to healthy living to its tenants.



Olive Plaza Maslak, a project completed by Kapital Real Estate Development in 2010, stands out in Istanbul's leading commercial center, Maslak, with its proximity to subway and major arteries, office spaces with transparent and curvilinear surfaces, and an architecture dominated by an entrance surrounded by curvilinear surfaces. The project offering comfort and convenience in 14 office floors with a lease space of 530 m², as well as a spacious lobby and office areas, went through the process of LEED environment-friendly building certificate assessment, thanks to its economic and green building characteristics, environment-conscious operational arrangements, and low operating costs.



Completed by Kapital Real Estate Development in 2003, Kapital Business Center rises in Maslak, at the heart of trade and commerce, on a 1,600 m² plot, offering 500 m² lease space on 8 office floors. The multi-piece yet bustling mass and the circular form of the building emphasize a unique architectural style standing out from its surroundings, while the courtyard enriched with ponds and lush greenery, and the cafe opening up to the courtyard make the building draw attention with its architecture and its ability to meet the needs of the users and the daily life, offering a distinct work experience for its users.

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